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We are making changes to the way garden centers feel, price and the way customers buy plants. We offer over 4000 Canadian grown perennials, shrubs and trees, over three hundred of which are native to Ontario. At our Garden Center we guarantee competitive prices and healthy stock.

Because we carry such a diverse stock so you can always expect us to have "hard to find" items, and we can always order in plants at any time of the season.

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Reliance Peach Tree

The porcelain pink blooms produce medium-sized, plump, freestone golden fruit with a red-blueish blush which are good for eating fresh or canning. The fruit ripens early in August. This species is cold hardy (tolerant to Ontario winters).

Zone: 4
Height: 6m
Width: 5m
Colour: Pink
Blooms: Spring
Harvest: August

Sensation French Hybrid Lilac

The Sensation French Hybrid Lilac has distinctive blooms with dark purple petals and a white, picotee edge.

Zone: 2
Height: 250cm
Width: 200cm
Colour: Purple
Blooms: Spring

Syringa x Vulgaris 'Sensation'

Hot Papaya Coneflower

The Hot Papaya Coneflower has spicy red-orange flowers with a papaya-orange halo in the pompom center. Planting in large groups will maximize the stunning effect of this flower.

Zone: 4 
Height: 90cm
Width: 60cm
Colour: Red
Blooms: Summer

Echinacea x 'Hot Papaya'

Neon Stonecrop Sedum

The Neon Stonecrop Sedum is an upright cultivar with vivid rose-magenta blooms, above light green foliage. The blooms take on bronze-red tones in the fall.

Zone: 3

Height: 50cm
Width: 60cm
Colour: Magenta
Blooms: Fall

Sedum Spectabile 'neon'

Columnar Tulip Tree

The Columnar Tulip Tree is a narrow, tall, fast-growing selection which maintains a tight tall and slender form while growing into maturity. It is one of the best columnar trees with the typical tulip-like flowers, which are lightly fragrant and greenish-yellow in colour.

Zone: 5
Height: 18m
Width: 6m
Colour: Yellow
Blooms: Late Spring

Liriodendron Tulipfera Fastigata